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An artistic line of Marble God, Black Marble Krishna Statue, Ram Darbar Marble Statue, Ganesh Marble Statue, Vishnu Laxmi Marble Statue and Goddess Statues is offered here...

About Our Company 

Religious Statues can be made by anyone; however, they need the touch of care, art and talent to genuinely look divine. There are many artists in the market who create statues but not all create art like our company, Vinay Moorti Kala Mandir. We are a proud manufacturer and exporter of beguiling Black Marble Krishna Statue, Bhairav Marble Statue, Ram Darbar Marble Statue, Vishnu Laxmi Marble Statues, etc. All of these are famous in the market for perfect color composition, design accuracy and beautiful carvings. From the shape to the seamless finish of the statues, every aspect is applauded by our customers. One can only find such perfection at our enterprise. We never compromise on the quality of our statues. We value our art the most, we would never dispatch any statue that does not meet the standards of the company. This is why, we recommend to choose our company, which not just offers beautiful statues but also provides top class customer support to all. 

55 Years of Hard Work

For more than 5 decades, we have remained the top choice of our clients. It was not any easy task, gaining customer trust is difficult. Every day, we put in all of our efforts towards creating the most enchanting art for clients. Although, we knew that was not the only thing that will help us succeed in this domain. This is why, in addition to bringing forth excellence, we started rendering a service like no other. We pledged to always work in an ethical manner and render top class customer services to all the patrons who bestow their trust on us. We value our clients very much, this is the reason, we plan to keep working hard for their benefits even in future. 

Why to Choose Us?

  • Our company makes no compromise on the design accuracy, quality or sturdiness of our statues
  • Our enterprise appoints only talented artists who can carve the best Antique Ganesh Marble Statues, Marble Nandi Statues, etc. within the stipulated time frame
  • Our business concern supports customers through our transparent trading, ethical business and fair trade policies